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Nahuelbuta Forest

The Nahuelbuta Mountain Range has risen since time immemorial. It is estimated 500 million years since its birth produced by tectonic forces, so, symbolically, it could be the great great grandmother of the Andes mountain range, which is estimated to have been around 60 million years since it emerged to be the which is today. 

This wonderful place is unique in the world. In it, species characteristic of sclerophyllous forest, representative of the central zone of Chile, converge with species typical of the rainforest or "Valdivian". During the last ice age, estimated about 13 thousand ago
years, it was a refuge of life, thus becoming a living library for nature scholars.


This sanctuary has survived the heyday of logging and today is in a state of fragility. ecosystem that puts its survival at risk, given the fragmentation to which it has been subjected without pause since 1974, through the subsidies and incentives that Decree Law 701 grants to the forestry industry. 

madre de la culebra Acanthinodera cummingii
hongo coihue

The Nahuelbuta Mountain Range, in some surviving relics, gives us the opportunity to observe and feel pristine nature and deserves to be protected - and defended if necessary - from this greedy and selfish economic model that seeks to ignore the interdependence between all species. .. including us!

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