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 Native Nahuelbuta 

We are a community with the native forest of the Nahuelbuta Mountain Range

NAHUELBUTA NATIVA is a community biocultural organization based in the Nahuelbuta Mountain Range, Rucapellán sector, commune of Angol.

Our tasks focus on territorial restoration and regeneration actions, both of the natural heritage and the cultural-community fabric, understood as the knowledge, tasks and learning of those of us who inhabit this territory.

We are Nature

Music, therapeutic arts, immersive experiences in the native forest and simple sharing by doing, have allowed us to create community, from a primal approach that values the various dimensions of Being,  linking us with Nature, not as an "environment", but as that which sustains and nourishes us, both literally and symbolically, and of which we are part.

Our validation as a Community Culture Point by MINCAP encourages us to persevere with our mission and challenges us to expand our influence and outreach. Therefore, we have designed an action plan for 2024 that will allow us to crystallize at least one monthly community activity.

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Tierra de jardín


Create a community with the native forest of the Nahuelbuta Mountain Range, through experiences that promote the presence and experimentation of the natural mind.

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Tierra de jardín


From the biocentric approach, where there is no separation between us and the rest of nature, we aspire to facilitate the reconnection between all beings, to raise awareness about the value and importance of the native forest, acting in favor of its survival and considering future generations. Protect, Defend, Restore and Regenerate are the verbs that mobilize us with creativity and perseverance.

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